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Photo Friday


Charleston, SC. 2006

Savannah, GA. 2005

A train somewhere between Baltimore and Philly. 2005.

Photo Friday


I used to take a lot of pictures in a previous life. While I haven’t really been keeping up the avocation, I thought I might post some photos here as filler between rants. These are from last summer’s road trip to California (yes, sometimes I drive, but it’s OK because I was on vacation. Also, a blown water pump on my return was the final straw that led me to go car free).  I did way too many miles in way too short a time, but got to see good friends and some family.  For the photography geeks, these and all subsequent pictures were taken on an old film Pentax, 50mm prime lens, various UV and yellow filters and B&W Kodak film (no post touch ups).