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I’m All Lost in the Supermarket

"Where can I find a nice pair of pants in Baltimore?" - Joe Strummer

I took a little blogging break to get recharged, but now I’m back and I bring news of how to survive in Baltimore when going to the mall is no longer your primary means of sending your hard earned money to county governments. Those guys are flush, anyway.  Keep your cash in Baltimore.

When I had a car, it was so easy just to go to Columbia Mall if I needed a new pair of pants or a pork pie hat. I’ve been doing a lot more local shopping now because going to the suburbs takes a bit more effort. Also, the suburbs sorta suck and I don’t like going there.  I’ve also learned to find pretty much everything I need here in the city. Here are a few places I frequent (free advertising, people, but I am not above accepting donations, so feel free to give it up):

  • Normals Bookstore in Charles Village- cramped and a bit smelly from the animals/house pets roaming around, but a fine selection of used books and vinyl.  Always seems to have a wide selection of Noam Chomsky in stock for your anarcho-syndicalist needs.
  • Daily Grind in Fells Point – for when Starbucks just doesn’t cut it and you want some real old brick walls to go with your coffee.
  • Nacho Mama’s in Canton – a Mexican restaurant but for some reason they have really good meatball subs?
  • Feline’s Filene’s Basement downtown – Finding quality men’s clothing in the city is hard. I’m not a Joe Bank kinda guy. But I’m not a Hot Topic kinda guy either.  The prices in Harbor East are way too high and the selection way too slim.  Filene’s is a good middle ground when you want to look presentable without looking like a dork.
  • Sound Garden in Fells Point – lots of music and movies and stuff.  If you’re a music snob like Barry in High Fidelity, then Own Guru Records. They now have air conditioning.
  • Grocery Shopping – I know a few people who live in the southeast who avoid Safeway at all costs, but it’s not a bad walk/bike ride if you live nearby. A posher option is Whole Foods in Harbor East. On Sunday, the farmers market under the JFX has what you need, too.
  • Joe Squared on North Ave – great pizza, live music, arty events, and the thrill of outdoor dining on North Ave, one of Baltimore’s best streets (I’m only half joking, but more on this in a follow up post).

I know I left out a whole bunch of places and my list is southeast-centric.  If you got some more, do us all a favor and let us know. It would make Joe Strummer proud.