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Car Free In Hoboken and some links

Hoboken, NJ.  My stomping ground in undergrad.  Hoboken was the heart of my Saturday nights my junior and senior years. Let me apologize now to all the people living in those upstairs apartments that my friends and I probably woke up as we stumbled out of Black Bear or Scotland Yard.   Now that I’m [more] grown up,  let’s recognize Hoboken for something else:  The Surrender Your Permit program, a city effort to promote car free living.  Sometimes carrots do a better job than a stick.

IBM’s Many Eyes program is a data visualization tool which goes beyond charts and graphs and helps make complex data meaningful and intuitive.

Eric Fischer has made maps of almost every major U.S. city by race.

The New Yorker has an article by Malcolm Gladwell about why social media is ineffective at creating lasting social change. Would your 200 facebook “friends” really be willing to help you change the world?

And Vanity Fair has an interview with John Lennon at 70.