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Car Free Day in Baltimore and some links

Tomorrow is World Carfree Day - a worldwide movement to ditch cars on September 22nd and walk, bike, swim, skip, or take transit to work.  Though there are no organized World Carfree Day events in Baltimore (yet), there’s stuff going on in DC.

My Wheels are Turning is a great community transportation blog out of Northern Michigan with a focus on livability issues.

The NYTimes has a piece on the Geometry of Sprawl - a german photographer pointing his lens down at huge subdivisions in places like Arizona and Nevada (thanks to Evan Hershman for the link).

Check out Recovering Lazyholic out of Austin. Not transportation related at all, but this woman’s photography knocks me out.  Look for the series she did in Baltimore.

And finally some love to Detroit from Palladium. Dying cities will be reclaimed by the dreamers and doers:

UPDATE: Streetsblog discusses dangerous wide roads and a CNU study which shows accidents increase 487% when street widths go from 24′ to 36′.