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Transit Maps

Welcome to the Metro/Light Rail/Charm City Circulator Guide. This is a very early version of an interactive and easy to use geo-database where people can find neighborhood stores, cafes, museums, and other ammenities near transit stops and also quick access to useful transit information. Though more data will be added in the future, currently, the map shows:

  • Light Rail (MTA)
  • Metro Subway (MTA)
  • Red Line (MTA – A proposed light rail line which is currently being designed)
  • Charm City Circulator (Baltimore DOT – A free shuttle system serving downtown)
  • Free Water Taxi Service (Baltimore DOT – A free commuter-oriented water taxi)
  • New! MTA Bus Routes as a Google Earth KML file (some new route changes may not be reflected). Download

To use the map, just click the station markers (the bubbles) for nearby neighborhoods and other station information, or click the transit routes (the lines) for information about operating schedules. Click on “Earth” in the upper right corner for a Google Earth view. Stay tuned for updates in the near future!

View Baltimore Rail Stations in a larger map

Also check out Baltimore Zip Car locations.

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